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Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Style for Your Home

Finding Your Dream Kitchen Style

Whether you’re renovating your dated kitchen or designing your dream home from scratch, choosing the right kitchen style is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Your kitchen is the heart of your home where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and laugh together. The style you select sets the tone for the whole space and reflects your personal taste.

From laidback coastal vibes to sleek urban elegance, today’s most popular kitchen styles run the gamut. Keep reading for an in-depth look at five top kitchen style trends. We’ll outline the key features of each look and help you determine which best fits your lifestyle and design sensibilities. By the end, you’ll have the inspiration you need to create your family’s perfect kitchen sanctuary.

Coastal Hamptons Style Kitchens

hamptons style kitchenHamptons-style kitchens embody breezy, beach house vibes. The laidback look features crisp white shaker cabinets, subway tile backsplashes in soft greys or blues, and light, airy colour schemes. Neutral benchtops and exposed wood beams add warmth.

This fuss-free style creates an open inviting culinary space perfect for relaxed entertaining. The casual elegance and timeless simplicity suit family-oriented homeowners who enjoy hosting.

When to choose a Hampton-style kitchen

  • Where you want to evoke a breezy, coastal vibe.
  • If you enjoy hosting casual gatherings with family and friends.
  • If you want a relaxed, informal kitchen that feels open and airy.


  • Blend some warm metals like bronze for an elevated look.
  • Add plenty of task lighting for food prep and evening ambience.

French Provincial Style Kitchens

french provincial style kitchenFrench provincial kitchens exude old-world countryside charm. Featuring carved cabinetry, stone surfaces, and distressed finishes, these kitchens resemble ornate French chateaus. Oversized range hoods and tiled backsplashes mimic charming fireplaces.

Warm, muted paint colours and accent lighting give French provincial kitchens a cosy, vintage feel. This ornate yet inviting style delights those seeking a convivial gathering place for family and guests that provides a sense of history.

When to choose a French Provincial kitchen:

  • If you want an elegant, ornate cooking space with old-world character.
  • For avid home cooks who appreciate vintage-inspired style.
  • To create a warm, inviting place for dining and entertaining guests.


  • Include modern conveniences like quality appliances to balance old-world charm.
  • Limit highly distressed paints to accent pieces to avoid feeling dated.
  • Add lots of windows and light for an inviting, less dark look.

Japandi Style Kitchens

Japandi Style KitchensJapandi kitchens focus on neutral, earthy tones, natural materials, and minimalist elements to create a soothing and inviting cooking space. Light wood cabinetry, marble counters, and stainless appliances provide a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

The Japandi kitchen celebrates simplicity, functionality, and natural materials. It creates a calm environment for cooking and connecting with nature. The neutral palette provides a harmonious backdrop for you to add personal touches.

When to choose Japandi Kitchens:

  • In modern homes that blend Japanese and Scandinavian elements.
  • For spaces focused on calm, mindful living and connecting with nature.
  • If you want a soothing, neutral backdrop to display cherished items.


  • Allow imperfections and signs of wear instead of seeking perfection.
  • Curate a few special handmade accent pieces as statement pieces.
  • Keep technology/electronics minimal and concealed for a calming atmosphere.
  • Consider indoor landscaping elements like a living wall or green accent wall.
  • Provide plenty of natural light through windows, skylights or solar tubes.
  • Use tactile, natural textures like wood grain, rattan, stone, and linen.

Sleek, Modern Minimalism Style Kitchens

sleek modern style kitchensThe mark of a modern kitchen is its seamless blend of style and functionality. With flat panel cabinetry, stone surfaces, and top-of-the-line appliances, these kitchens embody chic, contemporary style.

Modern kitchens utilise clean lines, hidden storage, and neutral colours for a clutter-free aesthetic. The minimalist look allows beautiful finishes and tech-forward appliances to shine. It’s the ideal choice for urban sophisticates who value an elevated cooking and entertaining experience.

When to choose a Minimalist Kitchen:

  • For contemporary, urban homes with modern architectural details.
  • If you value an uncluttered look and the latest innovations and smart tech.
  • When you want a stylish, functional kitchen tailored for entertaining


  • Choose premium surfaces like stone benchtops and backsplashes, and real wood cabinetry.
  • Incorporate one standout material as an accent, like brass hardware or black steel appliances.
  • Ensure lighting is ample and diffused to avoid harsh shadows.
  • Include warmth through natural wood and plant accents and homey textiles.
  • Conceal the mess and chaos of everyday cooking; maximise hidden storage.
  • Splurge on pro-grade appliances for ultimate performance and visual impact.
  • Pare down décor to absolute essentials to maintain a tranquil vibe.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens

Country Style KitchenFarmhouse kitchens blend rustic and vintage elements for a cosy, lived-in feel. Signature features include exposed wood beams, painted or distressed cabinetry, farm sinks, and butcher block benchtops.

Practical design features like spacious pantries, durable surfaces, and apron-front sinks make farmhouse kitchens perfect for active cooks and busy families who want a functional, hardworking kitchen. The vintage-meets-modern look infuses warmth and character.

When to choose a Farmhouse Kitchen:

  • For country cottages or homes with traditional architectural details.
  • If you have an active family and need a sturdy, hardworking kitchen.
  • To create a cosy, vintage-inspired space with lots of charm.


  • Add vintage-inspired yet durable surfaces like butcher block benchtops and farmhouse sinks.
  • Include visible wood elements like open shelving, exposed ceiling beams or a wooden island.
  • Source vintage accessories like enamelware pitchers, mason jar glassware, and galvanised metal buckets.
  • Rustic and worn patinas work best for major built-ins, not every surface.
  • Ensure good natural light through ample windows, a light-coloured palette and great task lighting.

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Style Match

Kitchen styles today pull from both old-world charm and modern minimalism to create spaces packed with personality. Whether you crave the breezy simplicity of Hampton’s style, the ornate warmth of French Provincial, or the streamlined elegance of modern and Japandi designs, there’s a look to match your tastes.

Keep this guide handy as you plan your own kitchen revamp or new build. Consider how you cook, entertain, and live day to day. Mix and match elements from your favourite styles to create a space that both looks beautiful and functions seamlessly. With some thoughtful planning and design, your kitchen can become the stylish, high-functioning heart of your home.